'I love sleep cause it's like a time machine to breakfast'


The scrambled soy

Scrambled tofu with avocado on toast is one of my favourite goto brekkie's if i'm feelings very hungry. It packs so much flavour...


The pimpin' pancake

I religiously have pancakes every Sunday morning, it's one of my highlights of the week. Wake up late and eat pancakes, YES.... i love this recipe it's so easy and yummy...


Brekkie burrito 

This mouth watering brekkie burrito will really kick start your day, super simple and super tasty! what more could you ask for?


Protien Oats 

Does any one else struggle to find yummy ways to use protien powders? well this recipe is packed full of protien and tastes delicious, This brekkie will keep you going for a while that's for sure....


Toast inspiration 

need idea's for toppings on your toast in the mornings? i got you covered here's 4 of my favourite ways to eat toast....